Pizzo Calabro

Pizzo is originally a small fishing town. Situated on a promontory washed by the Gulf of St. Euphemia, called Coast of the Gods, in front of Aeolian Islands, where you can enjoy good views, rossissimi sunsets over the volcano Stromboli, and for its beautiful features a favorite tourist destination.
The town overlooking the sea is rich in history and traditions. Among the narrow streets of the old town there is Piazza della Repubblica, with a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea. Of particular historical interest is the Aragonese Castle born as a fortress, and where Joachim Murat King of Naples and Napoleon Bonaparte's brother-in-law, was imprisoned and executed. Inside the castle there is the murattiano Provincial Museum, you can also visit the Maritime Museum, where exhibits are collected by crustaceans, shells, sponges, corals and some sharks stuffed animals, tools and artifacts relating to boats and fishing.
Lace was famous as a place of origin of the delicious fish, especially tuna. For centuries, in May-June, millions reached the beaches of the Gulf of St. Eufemia, and there arose the famous traps of Pizzo and Bivona and the processing of tuna in oil. Charming, visiting in particular Church of Piedigrotta, on the sea, excavated in the Tuffsome sailors pardoned during a shipwreck and devoted to our Lady, so called "Madonneja", is also one of the most beautiful beaches of the area.