Aeolian Islands

The islands include 7 main islands, were defined the seven pearls of the Mediterranean for the extraordinary charm. Alicudi and Filicudi, fascinating because the most pristine, are frequented mainly by people who want to relax as much as possible and enjoy unique landscapes in the world.
Lipari, the largest, its volcanic nature is evident in the North-East Coast is covered by a large pumice, casting call for this White Mountain, is the most rich in services and better equipped for tourism, ship, boat, Panarea, the smallest, frequented by young people and offering a great nightlife, Salina, famous for capers and Malvasia , Stromboli and Vulcano with intense and continuous volcanic activity, geologically-Volcano, Volcano is one of the latest Islands in the Aeolian archipelago, along with Stromboli was formed again later, and of course many smaller islands.